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A place where 80% people are willing to buy a home within the next 6 months but they don’t have an agent!

Houser for Real Estate Professionals

 About Houser

Houser is offering an improved real estate search where consumers can easily find homes for sale and connect with real estate agents online. This is the perfect place for agents, brokers and other organizations who want to add market listings in order to promote their personal brand and connect with interested buyers and sellers.

 Why you should opt for Houser?

With millions of users looking to buy and sell properties on a daily basis, Houser is the place to be for real estate professionals who can easily find their target audience.

  • 80% of our consumers are willing to make a transaction in the next 6 months.
  • 62% are still without an agent.
  • 38% are not yet qualified for a mortgage.

Houser does not only attract these consumers, but also markets the brands of real estate professionals through free marketing tools. Here, at Houser, we want our consumers to connect with the best real estate professionals. This is why we ask our consumers to connect with agents through different mediums such as contact listings and e-mails.

 Tech Savvy Professionals

Houser is only working as a connector between interested buyers and real estate professionals. We are not a group of agents; neither do we take part in the real estate industry. We are just here to provide a platform for buyers, sellers and real estate professionals so they can connect and find essential information at one place.

 How we gather our Data

Our data collection team solely focuses on providing you with the most accurate and reliable data. We have partnered up with different organizations that are working in the same industry and understand the importance of providing useful information to our valuable consumers. We have also gathered data from past records of sales so that price trends can be kept under consideration. Answers available at Houser come from professionals who have been working in this field, just like you!