Search Assistance Request Form

Let one of our dedicated search assistants research your query further. Simply fill in the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

If you are short on time or can’t find the information you need, we offer search assistants to help you research what you want. You simply have to fill the form below to forward your query to a search assistant who will then go through the World Wide Web and locate something that fits your needs.

This means your search queries are not just limited to Houser. Since it’s a search engine, if something is not available on it, your assistant will find it and add it to our database alongside compiling everything centrally for your consumption.

We developed this feature because the information buyers need isn’t always easy to find. Dedicated search assistants are expert researchers and will not only find the information you want but also put it in the context of your requirement. For example, if you request a comparison of three-bed properties in Canary Wharf with other areas, your assistant will locate all that information and compile it properly for a complete comparison.

Why do we have dedicated search assistants? Because at Houser we believe the combination of people and technology works more efficiently in tandem as compared to just people or just technology.

Give it a try now.