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M7 4LE Neighbourhood

When it comes to housing in the M7 4LE area, the number of houses Owned (no mortgage) are 157, while those Owned (with mortgage) are 86. There are around 36 Shared ownership properties, 17 Local Authority rented, 45 Housing Association rented and around 77 are Private rented.

According to our area research, you can expect to find around 131 Senior management/Professionals in the area and about 116 Junior managment/Professionals. Moreover, 148 people are Small business/Self-employed, while 52 are employed in Routine occupation and 70 are engaged in Semi-routine occupations. The number of Unemployed people on the other hand is only 42.

In M7 4LE area, Couple with children amount to 71 while Couple without children amount to 122. The neighbourhood also has around 46 Single parent families.

Our area research further shows that the most popular activity for residents is cinema, with 86 votes. Around 99 people are DIY enthusiasts, 104 people are interested in eating out, 102 like exercise, 73 are into football and 116 are fond of gardening. 100 people also like music while 113 are into traveling.

The Daily Telegraph is the most subscribed (224) newspaper in the area, followed by The Times (166), Daily Mail (137), The Independent (133), Daily Express (132), The Guardian (119), Daily Mirror (59) and The Sun (54).

Nearest tradesmen and local services

Some of the nearest services available in M7 4LE are Armour & Davies (Plumbers), Emergency Locksmiths (Locksmiths), Welbeck Properties (Property Maintenance Services), Welbeck Properties (Property Maintenance Services), Welbeck Properties (Property Maintenance Services), Broughton Electrical Co (Electronic Shop), Crowstone Locksmith (Locksmiths), Waterloo Plumbing (Plumbers), Waterloo Plumbing (Plumbers), I B Furnishings (Furniture Stores), Wellington Electronics (Electrician), Elli & Nechama Goldberg (Electronic Shop), Top Joiners & Emergency Locksmiths (Locksmiths), Garden Needs (Garden Centres), Garden Needs (Garden Centres), W Worrall Painters & Decorators (Painters & Decorators), W Worrall Painters & Decorators (Painters & Decorators), Bridcove (Curtain Supplier), Bridcove (Curtain Supplier), Dysec Ltd (Security systems), Hartland Electrical Systems Ltd (Electronic Shop), Gaselle (Boiler Repair & Servicer), C B Home (Bed & Bedding Shop), Ecksteins Carpets Hotel Contract Interiors (Carpet Fitter), Mobili Italiani (Interior Designers), Mobili Italiani (Interior Designers), Mobili Italiani (Interior Designers), Joroda Ltd (Plumbers), Carpetright Plc (Carpet Fitter), D Fryman Electrical Contractors (Electronic Shop), F Massa (Carpenters & Joiners), Y S R Ltd (Electrician), Y S R Ltd (Electrician), Alarm Supplies Northern (Security systems), Asys Ltd (Loft Converters), D C Kay Industrial Roofing & Cladding (Roofing Contractors), D C Kay Industrial Roofing & Cladding (Roofing Contractors), D C Kay Industrial Roofing & Cladding (Roofing Contractors), Peter Lyons (Painters & Decorators), Peter Lyons (Painters & Decorators), True Point (Builder), True Point (Builder), Nextday Lighting (Lighting Stores), Jacobs Furnishers (Furniture Stores), Greenrow Ltd (Bed & Bedding Shop), Greenrow Ltd (Bed & Bedding Shop), Salibeds & Accessories (Bedroom Designer), R W Carpets (Carpet Cleaner), R W Carpets (Carpet Cleaner), R W Carpets (Carpet Cleaner), C & A Saunders (Roofing Contractors), D Fletcher (Painters & Decorators), Wellington Electronics (Appliance Retailer), C U C C T V Ltd (Security systems), Ecksteins Carpets (Carpet Fitter), Manchester Locksmiths 24hr (Locksmiths), Athenian Plumbing (Plumbers) and Top Joiners & Emergency Locksmiths (Carpenters & Joiners).

Transportation and schools in M7 4LE

M7 4LE has access to various means of transportation including tube, bus and ferry ports. Nearest tube stations include . There is also easy access to airports like Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Manchester International Airport, Leeds Bradford International Airport then there are ferry ports that can be used to get by e.g. Liverpool Pier Head Ferry Terminal, Liverpool Pier Head Ferry Terminal, Liverpool Isle of Man & Dublin Terminal, Liverpool Belfast Ferry Terminal Bootle.

Close access to schools is most important factor in decision making for parents when buying any property. M7 4LE has many primary, secondary and private schools to choose from including primary schools like Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School, Brentnall Primary School, Toras Emes. Some of the secondary schools include Jewish Senior Boys' School, Beis Yaakov High School, Yeshivah Ohr Torah School. Then there are others like Bnos Yisroel Schools, Bnos Yisroel Schools, T'Mimei Lev School, OYY Lubavitch Girls' School.

Disclaimer : Location real estate estimates and values are based on House price index background data and Sales data provided by United Kingdom Land registry Records available as public records from their website. This information is updated monthly on our website and may not reflect all public transactions. This information is based on estimated calculation generated from our developed algorithms. We are striving to make this information as accurate and useful as possible. This data covers the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1/1/1995 to 9/1/2014. © Crown copyright 2014. Data produced by Land Registry © Crown copyright 2014.

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