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Nearest tradesmen and local services

Some of the nearest services available in LS21 3JJ are Wharfdale Electrical (Electronic Shop), Pinecraft of Otley (Furniture Stores), Otley Locksmiths & Burglary Repairs (Locksmiths), F M Lister & Son (Building Surveyor), Lunds of Otley (Carpet Fitter), Courtyard Planters (Garden Centres), Otley Pine (Furniture Stores), Ted Smith & Sons Furnishers (Furniture Stores), A G Sowden (Plumbers), Wharfedale Glass (Double Glazing Installer), Andrews of Otley Removals & Light Haulage (Removals & Storage Services), Rachel's Made to Measure (Curtain Supplier), Planning & Design Services (Architectural Service), Elegance Curtains (Curtain Supplier), R P Wilson (Plumbers), Quality Cleaning (Carpet & Rugs Shop), Basil Houldsworth & Sons Ltd (Builder), P H Plasterers Ltd (Plasterers), Manson Electrical (Electronic Shop), Parklane Furniture (Furniture Stores), Select Floors Ltd (Flooring Services), Roger Dawson (Plumbers), P A Clifford (Painters & Decorators), Paley's Carpets (Carpet Fitter), Prima Blinds (Curtain Supplier), Yorkshire Floor Craft Ltd (Carpet Fitter), J P S Plumbing Services (Plumbers), The Bed Guru (Bed & Bedding Shop) and Tony Lee Painters & Decorators (Interior Designers).

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