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Nearest tradesmen and local services

Some of the nearest services available in B69 3LA are Wickes Building Supply (DIY Shop), Kennett Contractors (Carpenters & Joiners), Warmers Lofts (Loft Converters), Think Contracts (Builder), K L B Building & Roofing (Builder), Forward Interiors (Carpet Fitter), Sofa House Ltd (Furniture Stores), D D S Furniture Ltd (Furniture Stores), Kitchen & Flooring (Kitchen Designers & Installers), A & S Glazing (Window Replacement & Glaziers), Impact Interiors Ltd (Carpenters & Joiners), Midport Construction Ltd (Roofing Contractors), Press Bond Fabrications Ltd (Carpenters & Joiners), C D Electrical Services UK Ltd (Electronic Shop), T & H Roofing & Cladding (Roofing Contractors), Lord Combustion Services Ltd (Boiler Repair & Servicer), Advanced Assure Alarms (Security systems), Gasheat (Gas Installers), Black Country (Plasterers), M & D Plumbing (Plumbers), Robert Poole Construction Ltd (Electronic Shop), 1st Call Property Maintenance (Property Maintenance Services), Premier Bedrooms (Bathroom Designer), Dhaliwal Constructions (Builder), Doug Kirton Painters & Decorators (Painters & Decorators), Kundi Electrical (Electronic Shop), David Miller & Son (Builder), Auto Emergency Locksmith (Locksmiths), Wellman Thermal Services Ltd (Boiler Repair & Servicer) and Arlee Maintenance (Painters & Decorators).

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