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Nearest tradesmen and local services

Some of the nearest services available in B64 5NL are Oaklodge Electrical Services (Electronic Shop), Black Country Handyman (Property Maintenance Services), Charles Flooring Ltd (Flooring Services), Haden Park Bathroom Installations Ltd (Kitchen Designers & Installers), Secura Roof (Roofing Contractors), Secura Roof (Roofing Contractors), Mike Smith Decorating (Painters & Decorators), Halsall Architectural Consultants (Architectural Service), Halsall Architectural Consultants (Architectural Service), Ellis Removals Ltd (Removals & Storage Services), Lawns Wood Joinery (Carpenters & Joiners), Fitted Wardrobe Centre (Bedroom Designer), Fitted Wardrobe Centre (Bedroom Designer), Bowen Smith Electrical (Electronic Shop), Bowen Smith Electrical (Electronic Shop), Simon Copson (Painters & Decorators), Simon Copson (Painters & Decorators), Evans & Maybury (Architectural Service), Evans & Maybury (Architectural Service), Evans & Maybury (Architectural Service), A B A Systems (Security systems), Karens (Carpet Cleaner), Karens (Carpet Cleaner), Newey Electrical Installations Ltd (Electronic Shop), Floormaster Carpets Ltd (Carpet Fitter), Floormaster Carpets Ltd (Carpet Fitter), Chapmans Electrical (Electrician), Chapmans Electrical (Electrician), The Wood Shop Joinery Ltd (Carpenters & Joiners), The Wood Shop Joinery Ltd (Carpenters & Joiners), D J E Carpentry Ltd (Carpenters & Joiners), Dudley Drain Service (Drainage Contractor), Birmingham Driveways Ltd (Paving Contractors), Birmingham Driveways Ltd (Paving Contractors), Industrial Combustion Engineers Ltd (Gas Installers), Industrial Combustion Engineers Ltd (Gas Installers), Cozy Carpet (Carpet Fitter), Briggs Amasco Ltd (Roofing Contractors), Hyflex Roofing (Roofing Contractors), Industratech Ltd (Electronic Shop), Gary White Kitchen & Bathroom (Kitchen Designers & Installers), D S Billingham Plumbing & Heating (Gas Engineers), Furniture Warehouse (Furniture Stores), T L M Alarms (Security systems), M G A Distributors (Kitchen Designers & Installers), Bayncroft Thermal Home Improvements (Double Glazing Installer), Heatek Ltd (Gas Installers), N J R Heater Services Ltd (Gas Installers), N J R Installations Ltd (Gas Installers), Stourbridge Paving Co Ltd (Paving Contractors), A Worton Plumbing (Plumbers), B & W Plasterers (Plasterers), C E Bunch & Co Ltd (Carpenter), Day 7 Night Locksmiths (Locksmiths), Serviceline (Appliance Repairs), Total Plastics (Plumbers), A N J Plumbing Services (Plumbers), Newey Electrical Ltd (Electronic Shop), Newey Electrical Ltd (Electronic Shop), Waldens Removals (Removals & Storage Services) and J S Quality Electrical Services Ltd (Electronic Shop).

Transportation and schools in B64 5NL

B64 5NL has access to various means of transportation including tube, bus and ferry ports. Nearest tube stations include . There is also easy access to airports like Birmingham International Airport, East Midlands Airport, Coventry Airport then there are ferry ports that can be used to get by e.g. Sharpness Old Docks, Lydney Harbour, Bristol Docks Ferry Landing.

Close access to schools is most important factor in decision making for parents when buying any property. B64 5NL has many primary, secondary and private schools to choose from including primary schools like Reddal Hill Primary School, Netherbrook Primary School, Brickhouse Primary School. Some of the secondary schools include Ormiston Forge Academy, The Hillcrest School and Community College, St Michael's CofE High School. Then there are others like Halesbury School, Whiteheath PRU, Home & Hospital Tuition Centre.

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